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Cogress Hagshama provide access to unlimited programmatic Joint venture equity for hands on sponsors, developers and owners / operators with proven track record.

Cogress-Hagshama is a privately held real estate investment firm active since 2009 in the real estate markets of North America, Western Europe, and Israel. Cogress-Hagshama offers Joint Venture Equity, with the ability to carry out numerous transactions and projects simultaneously.

Cogress-Hagshama’ s successful cooperative ventures with over a hundred prominent real estate Sponsors features geographical and sectoral diversification, with a flexible, adaptive approach to shared challenges.

Representative transactions

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Coral Springs, Florida – Arium San Remo

Acquisition, conversion of a Multi Family property with 14 three floors town houses and 180 residential units located 2 miles away from Sawgrass Expressway

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Des Moines, Iowa

Land acquisition, demolition, construction of 213 residential units multifamily building, lease up, stabilization, and sale.

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Portland, Oregon – Ankeny Street

Purchase of plot and building a residential building of 4 floors Which includes 87 micro-units, rental and sale as an income-producing property in Portland. The property is located east of Downtown Portland, an area characterized by the construction of numerous projects, infrastructure development, housing, a variety of employment and recreation centers. About 400 meters from the property is

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Lafayette, Louisiana – Parc Gardens

Constructing an income luxury Multi Family (Class A) residential complex, and subsequently selling it. The property will include various kinds of residential units, in four story buildings with elevators. The units will be well furnished and the complex residents will enjoy a green living environment and various facillities for their welfare. Parc Gardens, Lafayette, LA, USA

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Brooklyn, New York – Lenox Road

Acquisition, demolision, construction and resale of a seven-story, 80-unit apartment building with 40 parking spaces.

186 Lenox Road, Brooklyn, New York, NY, USA


16 Months

Flatbush is a Victorian-style neighborhood, established in 1651

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North Carolina, Greensboro – Lincoln Green

Acquisition, renovation and resale of a multi-family residential complex featuring 616 furnished apartments with various tenant amenities.

2205 New Garden Rd Greensboro NC 27410, USA


36 Months

Greensboro is the third

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West Hartford, Conneticut – Farmington & Arnoldale

Acquisition, renovation and resale of three multi-family buildings with 74 apartments spanning an overall area of 85,505 SF. Properties are located next to Connecticut University’s medical center and Westfarms Shopping Mall, the third largest mall in the U.S.

45 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT | 755 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT | 3 Arnoldale Road, West Hartford,

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