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The Cogress Vision

Cogress’ vision is to enable qualified individuals to invest any sum in any market, through quality investments that are managed and controlled in the most professional and transparent manner.

Cogress offers large-scale investment opportunities to those looking for higher returns on their savings.

The majority of real estate investments are not accessible to accredited investors; the best ones are usually reserved for highest net worth and institutional investors. Cogress challenges this practice.

Since the company was established in 2009, Cogress – and its Investors – have been investing in the hottest real estate projects in the world. We have grown to become a prominent global real estate investment firm. We enable accredited investors to invest in high profile real estate projects and receive high returns with hedged risks. As Managing Partner of each investment, Cogress underwrites and manages every investment for the entire investment life cycle, until exit.

High-Touch, High-Tech Approach

We insist on maintaining personal relationships with our Investors and JV Partners. We assign a knowledgeable and helpful Investor Relations Manager to each Investor.

We encourage our members to come in for a face-to-face meeting with their relation mangers to ensure they feel confident and in control. We believe that for Investors – especially first-time — this is preferable than a login to an impersonal online system.

We also provide our members with wealth of professional tools to assess real estate opportunities and make the right decisions. Our “High-Touch High-Tech” approach provides Cogress’ members with real added value that will serve them now and later, down the road.