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Investment Criteria

Cogress Hagshama’s strength is to identify strong local owners / operators, sponsors and developers relying on their knowledge of the market, ability to execute, and enable them to concentrate on acquisition and execution by providing access to unlimited equity, thus relieving them of the burdensome need to raise equity on a per deal basis. As such, we strive to be the perfect passive JV partner.

Strategy and Asset Class

Deal Strategy: Acquisitions, Developments, Value‑add and Cash Generating

Asset Class:

  • Residential, MF, apartment buildings, condominiums, student housing
  • Mixed Use, Life style retail, light industrial / logistics, self storage
  • Medical Office Value adds

Geographical Area: Cogress Hagshama has been active in 25 US states

  • Primary Markets
  • Secondary Markets
  • Tertiary Markets

Investment Size

  • Up to 90% of the equity stack on repeat deals
  • $2mil – $15mil Equity investment

Investment horizon

  • 2-5 years equity investment horizon
  • Exit via Sale, re‑finance, sale or buy out

LP passive on the day to day

Equity LP with business oriented approach and a passive operation stand

In order to provide our investors the comfort level to invest with us, we maintain veto right on major decisions:

  • Major capital events
  • Key service providers
  • Disposition