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The Joint Venture Equity Process

Cogress makes quality real estate opportunities straightforward and accessible to our over 26,000 registered members. These are opportunities that, until recently, had been available only to high Net worth investors and institutions.

We are not a passive, online crowdfunding portal.

We do not match unsuspecting Investors with tenuous real estate ventures and questionable Developers.

This is not a marketplace.

Acquisitions Process
  • Initial Review
  • Investment Committee
  • Preliminary DD
  • Read more about the process
JV Agreement
  • Term Sheet
  • Comprehensive DD + JV Agreement drafting
  • Joint Venture Agreement Signing
  • Equity Amount
  • Closing Date
  • Monthly Reports
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Routine Monitoring
  • Site Visits
  • Refinance
  • Sale
  • Buy out