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Partner Criteria

As passive investors, Hagshama Cogress rely on local, hands on sponsors, operators / developers with proven continues track record in scope and geographical area as General Partner of record.

Track Record

Track record

  • Realized investments and executed Business plans in scope of the proposed project and geographical area as GP of record.
  • Prior successful dispositions or re-finances completed in scope of the proposed project as GP of record.
Operation Requirement

Partner’s Operation Requirement

  • Existing Infra structure capable of overseeing execution of business plan, asset and construction management, lease up and / or dispositions, and on-going institutional level reporting and communication.
  • Hagshama Cogress runs a credit and public records background check on the principles and entities under their control.


  • During the initial review and Due Diligence process we asses the sponsor’s underwriting and quality of material, and familiarity of the sponsor’s team with the details of the project.


  • As part of the initial evaluation we asses the sponsor and the team responsiveness. This often indicates how communication with our team would look like post investment, and it is a crucial component of the initial review, preliminary and comprehensive due diligence.